De Hartmann Special
VPRO Vrije Geluiden
National Dutch Television
Sept. 25, 2016
(In English, after the Dutch introduction)

Click here to watch the whole program on VPRO

Below there are a number of individual pieces as performed in the program.

From Six Pièces:  Op. 7 No. 5 – Nocturne  (Elan Sicroff)
From Four Melodies Op. 17:  No. 4 – Vision of Pushkin (Nina Lejderman and Elan Sicroff)
From Koladky Op. 60 (Ukrainian Christmas Carols): No. 8 – Farewell and No. 9 – Goosak (Amstel Quartet)
Violin Sonata Op. 51 – Second Movement (Katharina Naomi Paul and Elan Sicroff)
From Deux Pleureuses Op. 64 – No. 1  (Anneke Janssen and Elan Sicroff)
Chanson Sentimentale (Anneke Janssen and Elan Sicroff)
From the Trio for Flute Violin and Piano Op. 75 – Ukrainian Rhythm and Finale (Joris van Rijn, Ingrid Geerlings, Elan Sicroff)