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Publication of de Hartmann’s Music

De Hartmann’s music was first published by Jurgensen Edition (Moscow) at the turn of the 20th century, and later by Balaeiff Edition and Boosey and Hawkes from the 1930s-1950s. However, much of his output remains in manuscript form, and today all of it is out of print. With the Nimbus Alliance CDs release and the recording of the orchestral works, there is now a concerted effort to print and publish it. Tom Daly, inheritor of the de Hartmann Estate, is directing  this process, with the help of several copyists.…

Recitals and Lectures

The Thomas de Hartmann Consort was formed in 2016 to bring de Hartmann’s music to the concert stage. Recitals often include performances with different instrumental and vocal combinations in the same program, providing a colorful and varied experience for the audience. Recent concerts have featured music for solo piano, violin, soprano, cello and flute. Other composers, related in some way to de Hartmann’s music and ideas, are also featured in these events, in an effort to integrate de Hartmann’s work into the classical music repertoire. …

Thomas de Hartmann in Ukraine- a Forgotten Master

Written by Efrem Marder


A few years ago I embraced the aim to help bring out de Hartmann’s orchestral music, a logical next step following the successful initiative led by Elan Sicroff to record de Hartmann’s solo piano, vocal, and chamber music.

Discussions with record labels ensued, and Martin Anderson, head of Toccata Classics, suggested that we speak with Theodore Kuchar, the accomplished American/Ukrainian conductor based in Lviv, Ukraine, with the idea that it would be fitting if de Hartmann’s music could be revitalized in the composer’s homeland.…

Performing and Recording the Orchestral Works

Now that the Thomas de Hartmann Project CDs have been made available to the public, we are engaged in the process of recording and also seeking performance opportunities for the orchestral works. Efrem Marder, long-time project team member, is leading this initiative. 

As a first step, in September 2021, a festival of three concerts, Thomas de Hartmann in Ukraine- a Forgotten Master was organized in Lviv Ukraine in collaboration with the conductor Theodore Kuchar, and the Lviv National Philharmonic Orchestra of Ukraine.…

Catalogue of Compositions

Early Period

THREE PIECES for piano (1899).
PRELUDE (1899).
ROMANCE for the nurse of Poushkine (1900).
SIX PIECES for piano (1902).
CALIGULA, Op. 6 (1903 ). Music for the Dumas tragedy.
THE PINK FLOWER, Op. 9 (1906). Ballet in four Acts.
“FRA MINO,” Op. 14 Choreographic poem with Michel Fokine.
YELLOW SOUND, Choreographic scenario by W. Kandinsky (1912).
FLENOUSHKA, opera unfinished, (impressions of a book of Leskoff-Petcherky ) (1913).