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The Piano

Once in a while, a project comes along which is decidedly unconventional yet yields innumerable insights. This is one such project. 

Thomas Alexandravich de Hartmann (1885-1956) was born in Ukraine into an aristocratic family. Something of a prodigy, he was 11 when he started having lessons with Arensky and went on to study with Taneyev and Anna Yesipova in St Petersburg. His early period is dominated by successes, including a ballet that was performed by Nijinsky, Pavlova and Fokine.…

Piano Music MWI Woolf

“Elan Sicroff proves an exceptional exponent of a sometimes bewilderingly diverse range of musical influences – from the nineteenth century via the salon and thence to Scriabin, Stravinsky, and perhaps a little Bartók. These represent, at least, some of the staging posts of de Hartmann’s musical journey…”…