Remco Jak– soprano saxophone Olivier Sliepen – alto saxophone 

Bas Apswoude – tenor saxophone Ties Mellema – baritone saxophone 

Chameleonic and passionate would be the best way to describe the four saxophonists that make up the Amstel Quartet. Whether it is old music or the very latest sounds, pop music, jazz, classical or world music – once you hear the Amstel Quartet play, all borders between these genres simply fade away. Technical limitations appear non-existent and musical boundaries are there merely to be crossed. This adventurous attitude has brought the foursome a multitude of admirers worldwide, because a performance by the Amstel Quartet has the thrilling energy of a pop concert. The quartet takes you along on a breath-taking and moving journey time and again. It is not without reason that the Dutch press has dubbed the Amstel Quartet ‘The most colourful saxophone quartet in the world’. 

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